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D.R.I.: Nursing Home Blues

D.R.I.: Nursing Home Blues

I am an old man living alone

My loved ones stuck me here in this nursing home

Ive lost all usefulness

I want to die

I have them all the best years of my life

Then Maggie passed away, now Ive got no wife

So kill me, young man, or hand me your knife

I want to die

My beautiful daughter says I get in the way

I depress her because Im old and grey

She cant stand to see the wrinkles in my skin

By golly, girl, youre my only kin

I want to die

Like an old horse put out to pasture

Too old to be of any more use to its master

But when I lie in bed and I reminisce

I begin to think maybe this is best

Im out of the way, not in anyones hair

And though Im costing them money, I dont care

I want to die