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D.R.I.: Hooked

D.R.I.: Hooked

Youre tied down, youre locked up

Youve got no way out

Youre broke down youre fed up

Your lungs start to shout

Youre wincing, convulsing

Youre aching with pain

Gasping for breath, and youre feeling insane

Hole after hole

Just proving your point

Point after point

Just digging you hole

Slow digging with a spoon


Youre hooked on a drug thats controlling your mind

Hocking your soul for that measly last dime

Youre dragged off and thrown in your own padded cell

Youve reached end of rope at bottom of well

Yellow-black arm-hole of eager junk acceptance

Thin steel prick cums in your arm

I see you fall over and over again

Hanging onto nothing you thought was a friend