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D.I.T.C.: Way of Life

D.I.T.C.: Way of Life

Featuring Big L Fat Joe

[Fat Joe]

Diggin In The Crates 9 9

Yeah yeah Still Diggin yall

Yeah yeah yo yo

Theres only one way for me to explain the key to this game

Is longev keep it the same

The seedsll remain only if they bringin the pain

Hip hop dont stop like the heat in my vein

The streets know my name Don Carta bomb harder

My persona is honored in the Bronx as my alma matter

Im smarter than the average Joe, packin a flow

Thats stackin the dough, lets bring the chips in the bag and lets go

Its Fat Joe, Ima set it straight

If you do your hist I exist through Diggin In The Crates

Im bringin in the ace, had to stay up late

Playin the corners but never seen a day upstate

Until the day I escape or see Tone at the pearly gates

I continue to runch it even after the computer breaks

You know the rates, fifty-thou for every verse thats foul

And I bring rhymes to life like the birth of a child

"Verbal assualt" "Blow out your tweeters"[Fat Joe]

"Big L"[DJ Premier] *cut and scratched*

[Big L]

Check it, my whole crew holdin

We all got cars wit extra features

Its a bunch of yall, one got dough, the rest is leeches

You probably mad cuz I be sexin divas

I should pull this pistol out and make you touch your sneakers

Im on some cool out shit, but I will pull this tool out quick

And put some holes in your new outfit

You frontin hard cuz your whip a Range

But its a 4.0, you nerd nigga, you heard Jigga now get your change

You aint a willy you a small solider, give it up son its all over

And you never sold a, pound a cane

You a clown wit fame, goin down the drain

All yo shit sound the same

Ima shine pop-o, cuz when you got dough your rocks glow

L got a hot flow that rap coppo

Im Uptown smoothest, first album left you clowns clueless

Sayin Im wack, you niggas sound foolish

Niggas hate to see L bubble, theyd rather see L struggle

Cuz what they sell, Ima sell double

You wanna see rocks, then look at Ls wrist

If you see me in the club drinkin Mo that means they dont see Cris, what