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D.I.T.C.: Time To Get This Money

D.I.T.C.: Time To Get This Money

(feat. A.G., Diamond, O.C.)


This is for my niggas who plot when I come through

Wanna stick me with their glocks, but we got those, too

Wanna come with a creep, youll get done on the streets

Got the gun on the seat, so dont come on a creep

This is for my nigga who come through and floss on the block

Push the Porche and its dropped, extortion is the plot

Dolo or dulo, you or I, you rock the 5 or rock the Yugo

Its do or die

This is for those cats that specialize in robberies

Scheme at red lights, these clowns even follow me

I lay in the cut and wait for the rush

And if he hate Im a bust, and thatll straighten him up

This for those cats that get the cream and want to floss the flavor

Im forced the take the pound and lay em down

Extort the paper for some new ware plus some sky blue Airs

Right off the bat, pop the gat like the New Years

"If you with me, then say word" "Nah mean?"

"Time to get this money"

"Diggin in the Crates" "The one and only"

"Time to get this money"


Yo Im like whatever, my attitude is "What"

Swearing at me like you a killer, still you butt

See me on the block and still say "Whats up?"

Yeah I see through the glass but I lay in the cut

You think Im playing or what? Got a in the cut

I pull out, niggas start praying and duck

Take your little 10Ks without paying a buck

Then I jump in the whip without saying a fuck

See its like that, bring it on, strike back

Laying on the floor saying, "Where my Nikes at?"

What you thought gonna happen saying, "Where the ice at?"

Now you in dying need of an ice pack

Upset cause you sleep where the mice at

See me holding cake and you wanna slice that

But Im nice at G niggas price that

See me on the ave son, where the dice at?

"If you with me, then say word" "Nah mean?"

"Time to get this money"

"Diggin in the Crates" "The one and only"

"Time to get this money"


Yo, this nigga must tell time with eyes cause he clocking

Parking his whip inside of my hood bopping

Sticking this duck, for me there aint no stopping

Im a get his as for coming through flossing (shit)

Im on the block selling coke and Im still broke

While this duck coming through and he a showboat

Man hes as good as a got, go upstairs load the glock

Wait for sundown, hide in a vacant lot

Im a few steps away from where he parked his wheels

Im feeling envious so I break the windshield

He emerged with a bitch from the building

Itching to get his as so I lay flat in the grass

Its like unseen dog shit, fresh from a red-nosed bitch

Known for the blood line in the crib

Motherfucker run his shit, shines all gleaming from the

First time I seen yall I was scheming

"If you with me, then say word" "Nah mean?"

"Time to get this money"