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Queensryche: Best i Can

Queensryche: Best i Can

A child alone in Daddys room

The gun was hidden their

No one home to catch me when I fall

A young man now in a private chair

Ive seen the world through a bitter stare

But my dream is still alive

Im going to be the best I can

I want to be a busy man

I want to see a change in the future

Im gonna make the best of what I have

I want to write for a magazine

Im gonna be the best theyve ever seen

I know Ill win if I give it all I can


I wont let go, gotta make the grade

No, I wont let go

To be the best man, the best man that I can

Back street hoop star youve got it good

You uwere the wonder of the crumbling neighborhood

Now taking bids on the next six digit plan

Showed me that my will survived

The tragedy that came into my life

Giving me hope and the new start

That I have


Step by step I dream the plan

>From my chair to walking man

This constant dream is on my mind

Caaase the light I see ahead

Luminate the path I tread

I live to be the best I can

Now Im moving forward

And Im never looking back

Straight ahead, focused on the big attack

On a roll and Im never slowing down

I wont be torn between

The man in the chair

And the man thats in my dream

Im going to melt the two men into one